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Saskatchewan, A Pictorial History

Publication and distribution of this copy of Saskatchewan A Pictorial History, has been made possible through the sponsorship of the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. This unique heritage project was undertaken by the Corporation to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Province of Saskatchewan.

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.
John R. Messer  
David S. Dombowsky  


Tiger lily. Tiger lily.

To those who are familiar with the available publications on the history of Saskatchewan, the need for a new, comprehensive history of the Province appears self-evident. The most recent general history, Saskatchewan: The History of a Province by J. F. C. Wright, was published in 1955 under the auspices of the Saskatchewan Golden Jubilee Committee. This volume, which is now out of print, was an important source for years. But historical perspectives change. Events, new research, and the discovery of additional historical sources by our archives and museums require each generation to reinterpret its past. The proposal to publish a two-volume history of Saskatchewan to mark the province's 1980 Diamond Jubilee was developed by the Saskatchewan Archives Board. Formed in 1945, the Saskatchewan Archives Board is a joint endeavor, involving the Government of Saskatchewan, the University of Saskatchewan, and the University of Regina. Over the years, the Archives Board has been actively involved in seeking out, preserving, and encouraging the use of the documentary evidence concerning provincial history. The word "archives" often brings to mind images of old and dusty documents used only by scholars. But, as the many local historians, teachers, students, genealogists, journalists, television producers, and others who have drawn on the Saskatchewan Archives have found, a modern archives is very much a part of its community. An archives mirrors its society, with its collections reflecting all aspects of community life, providing a living, growing resource to be drawn on by all segments of society. Countless individuals and organizations across the province have assisted the archives in ensuring the preservation of our documentary heritage. Through the publication of its journal, Saskatchewan History, the Archives Board has also encouraged the careful exploration of themes and topics in provincial history. The publication of a new history of Saskatchewan is in large part a report on the cumulative results of these archival efforts.

The history of Saskatchewan is complex and no one approach is sufficient. Recognizing this, the Saskatchewan Archives Board planned this history as two complementary volumes of which Saskatchewan: A Pictorial History is the first. The second volume, a full interpretative history of the province, has been entrusted to Dr. John Archer, President Emeritus of the University of Regina. In the spirit of free intellectual inquiry, the Archives Board has left decisions on historical content and interpretation entirely to the judgment of the authors. Together, the two volumes will draw on all forms of historical evidence to explore the full course of human development in the area now known as Saskatchewan.

Many individuals and institutions have participated in the preparation of this history over the past three years. The project was the first to be approved and begun for Celebrate Saskatchewan 1980 and full funding was provided by the provincial government through the Saskatchewan 1980 Diamond Jubilee Corporation and the Saskatchewan Archives Board. The ministers responsible for Celebrate Saskatchewan, the Honorable N Shillington and the Honorable E. L. Tchorzewski, together with their staff, provided excellent co-operation. The University of Regina, the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Continuing Education, and Saskatchewan Culture and Youth assisted greatly at various times in the project. Successive chairmen of the Saskatchewan Archives Board, the Honorable D. L. Faris, the Honorable H. H. Rolfes, and the Honorable D. McArthur, have also given their full support to the history. In this they have been ably assisted by the other members of the Archives Board, Dr. Norman Ward (vice-chairman), the Honorable E. L. Tchorzewski, Miss Christine MacDonald, and Dr. B. Zagorin.

Ian E. Wilson
Provincial Archivist

Copyright 1979, by the Saskatchewan Archives Board, Western Producer Prairie Books, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

All rights reserved.

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Cover and book design by Ray Statham

The publisher acknowledges support of this publication by the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.

Printed and bound in Canada.
by Modern Press
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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Bocking, D. H., 1925 - Saskatchewan, a pictorial history.
Includes index.
ISBN 0-88833-017-0 bd.
ISBN 0-88833-042-1 pa.
1. Saskatchewan - History - Pictorial works.
I. Saskatchewan. Archives Board. II. Title.
FC3511.B63 971.24'0022'2

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