Harry Husak and Gier Thorden

The Curling Rink and Community Hall

Curling Stone. Curling Stone. The construction of the curling rink and the community hall, was a Centennial Project, begun in the winter of 1967. The federal government allotted the community a grant of $500.00 for supplies and materials. The building was erected just south of Johnson's Point along the road. The men of the community volunteered their labour and worked co-operatively to complete this project. Together, they felled the trees, sawed logs into lumber and constructed and painted the hall and rink. The project was completed during the summer of 1967 and officially opened by Barry McLellan, the Conservation Officer, in November 1967. The establishment of a community hall and curling rink in Dore Lake has been instrumental in developing a cohesive community spirit. Over the years it has been Dore Lake's social spot. The residents have gathered here during the long winter evenings for movies, curling, Christmas concerts, card tournaments, meetings and dances.

One cannot describe the rink and hall without mentioning the labour and time Emanuel Wynn has spent maintaining it. Every winter Emanuel would haul water in forty-five-gallon barrels, on the back of his ski-doo, to the hall. He would then skillfully proceed to make ice on the curling rink, by himself, with very little equipment and lots of determination. Emanuel also cut and hauled logs to the hall, which were used to heat the wood stove, before an evening's activities began.

Curling Rink and Hall under construction.

The Curling Rink and Community Hall.

Barry McLellan officially opening the rink and hall.

Barry McLellan officially opening the rink and hall.
From top to bottom: Bernice Snell, Richard Johnson,
Maxine Johnson, and the McLellan boys.

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