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True Lies of a
Northern Bush Pilot

Stories of George (Dad or Pop) Greening.

Video of George Greening's take off and fly-by in a Cessna aircraft, at Deep River Fur Farm in the 1950s. George was a frequent visitor at Deep River.

George Greening takeoff.
Click the picture to view.
George Greening, northern Bush Pilot
The Waco BBQ fully restored by the previous owner, Buzz Kaplan. Click on the BBQ Photograph to see a video of BBQ flying, with commentary by Jack Greening.
George Greening, northern Bush Pilot
The Waco BBQ fully restored by the previous owner, Buzz Kaplan. Click on the BBQ Photograph to see a video of BBQ flying, with commentary by Jack Greening.
George Greening, northern Bush Pilot
George Greening, with Marge and Mary Ausland
at Deep River mink Ranch, 1940s.
BBQ floats frozen in the Ice
The Waco BBQ frozen in a lake.
An attempt is being made to cut it loose from the ice.
George Greening and Halvor Ausland At Deep River Mink Ranch
George Greening standing on the CF-BBQ and Halvor Ausland.
This photograph was taken in the 1940s at Deep River Fur Farm.
Ile-a-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan.
BBQ at Deep River mink Ranch.
Cf-BBQ at Deep River Mink Ranch.
Date unknown, probably in early 1940s.
George Greening, with a large lake trout on the stabilzer
George Greening posing with a large lake trout lying on
the stabilizer of the Waco CF- BBQ.
George flew this aircraft while in the employ of
Waite's Fisheries, Big River, Saskatchewan.
black and white graphic of the converted BBQ.
Black and White Graphic of the restored C F - BBQ.
Courtesy of the owner, Buzz Kaplan.

Three photographs of Fairchild CF-AXQ, owned by Waite Fisheries, Big River, Saskatchewan. George Greening crashed this aircraft into the ice on Ile-a-La Crosse Lake during a blinding snowstorm. Windshield iced up and he could not see to land. This occurred on 28 January 1947. He and his passenger survived, but the passenger was badly injured George wrapped his passenger in a bedroll and then walked on the ice three miles to Ile-a-la Crosse for help.

George Greening aircraft crash, Ile-a-la-Crosse.
George Greening aircraft crash
George Greening aircraft crash, Ile-a-la-Crosse.
George Greening aircraft crash

Webmaster's Note

George Greening, was a well known and long-time bush pilot in Northern Saskatchewan. He was well-liked by all who knew him and his generosity, concern, and willingness to assist the residents of Northern Saskatchewan was legendary. True Lies of a Northern Bush Pilot, is the story of George Greening's flying career in Northern Saskatchewan. It deals with his many adventures, mishaps and foibles while flying for both Waite's Fisheries and the Saskatchewan Government Airways.

With the kind permission of Ron Clancy, I am including a brief excerpt from True Lies of a Northern Bush Pilot. It illustrates the efforts George made to assist people in the North.

In his day, George made many flights, some of which were made in bad weather when no one else would go. One day after freeze up, George was storm-bound at Pinehouse (Snake Lake) and bought a large package of sewing needles in my store which he placed in his briefcase. Out of curiosity, I asked him what he was going to do with them. He told me that he had flown a Cree trapper and his wife into a remote lake with a float-equipped aeroplane just before freeze-up. Upon unloading their gear, the trapper's wife discovered she had forgotten her needles at home and the poor woman was some upset. Needles are one of the most important of items for a trapper's wife, for, without needles, she couldn't mend clothes, darn socks and many other uses including beadwork to pass the time.

George thought that someday after freeze-up, he might be flying in the area where he had dropped them off and could stop in with the needles for the woman. Sure enough, within a week, he was flying a charter flight taking a provincial Cabinet Minister from La Ronge to Uranium City for a meeting. The flight course took him within fifty miles of the trapper's camp, so he veered off course and dropped into their camp and gave the lady the package of needles. That he had spent at least an hour and a half flying time - not counting the cost of the fuel involved and an important Government official's time - just to drop off a 25 cent package of needles, showed the metal of the man and his thoughtfulness for the people he served, both native and white.

George's brother Jack Greening, is convinced that the following poem is a description of Georges' roll today and for eternity! Although he argued with Jack about his faith, George demonstrated true motivation of a Higher Power throughout his life and, it is clearly stated in many of his poems. Many people have told Jack of how George, toward the end of his life, would frequently slip into the rear of St. Alban Cathedral for Sunday Service and, then quietly leave before the closing hymn. He had attended this church as a child with his parents and, his funeral service took place there.

Poem written by George Greening


I often wonder as I fly
Where go the airmen when they die?
Maybe they don't die at all
But only move to another haul.

Often on days when the sky is bright
And lofty pinnacles grace the height,
I wonder if in the upper air,
My pilot friends are waiting there.

In Heaven they'd not do menial things
But course the sky on special wings.
Ready to help us guys below
Guiding us when big storms blow.

Often when I have judged it wrong
And needed help to get along.
I wonder if air men gone before
Have guided me safely down once more.

R.S. (Ron) Clancy
About the Author.

Ron Clancy spent many years in the North as a trading post manager and fur buyer. Ron went on to become a District Manager, in charge of several trading posts in northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba before buying the trading stores at Red Earth and Shoal Lake in north-east Saskatchewan.

Ron's first book, "True Lies of a Northern Fur Trader", tells the story of his life as a fur trader. He first met George Greening in the mid-fifties, when George first moved over to Saskatchewan Government Airways from Waite's Fisheries in Big River. They had many dealings and a lot of flights together and went on to become lifelong friends.

Ron and his wife, Bernice, are now retired and living in Carrot River, Saskatchewan.

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