Harry Husak and Gier Thorden.

A Look at the Past

Google Map of Dore Lake.
Google Earth map of Dore Lake

A Look at the Past.

Has been reproduced on this web site with the kind permission
of the Dore Lake Historical Society.


History is the record of what has happened in the past, however long ago, or however recent. Reading and knowing about our past enriches the mind and tantilizes the spirit. It enables us to gain knowledge about ourselves as individuals, in order that we may successfully participate in community living.

Learning about our local community history enlightens us about many things. It tells us of our origins and the origins of the area we live in. It attempts to explain how and why things came to be done the way they are. Knowing our history enables us to interpret the thoughts and comprehend the actions of men and women, who lived in the community during the past. Furthermore, we learn to appreciate the uniqueness of the different eras in time and question the change that occurred over these periods. After completing the reading of any community history we have obtained a good awareness of its past heritage and begin to realize its future potential.

A historical study of people, places, and events can never be fully complete. There are always a few facts, stories and names that are forgotten or never discovered. This is due to the availability and sources of the historical data.

Interpreting and assembling historical information into a cohesive and comprehensive readable work is a process that takes time. All possible sources of information must be checked and exhausted before the project is considered complete.

I have always had a curiosity and sense of wonder about the past. I'd like to thank the residents of Dore Lake for their co-operation in allowing me to fulfill my curiosity about the unique history of their community. Much appreciation is extended to all those who contributed to this book, and for their utmost patience and sincere trust given with the valued photographs and autobiographies.

Special thanks to:

Hugh Campbell for proof reading the book,

Lloyd Rodwell, Saskatchewan Archives Board
Archivist, for aiding me in my research,

Florence Viden, who handled book distribution
and financial arrangements.

Tony Kowalczyk for his inspiration and co-operation,
which enabled me to undertake this project.

The following "old timers" passed on while
this book was being assembled:

Erick Viden
Chris Stepper
Marion Goliath
Harry Husak
John Thompson


Arise ye by-gone memories
Sweet memories of the past,
Return the tuneful melodies
that once were round me cast.
J.E. Pollack, 1883.

Fishermen and teams on Dore Lake.

Fishermen and teams on Dore Lake.

Log haul with Dinkey Engine.

Log haul with Dinkey Engine.

Fisherman on Dore Lake.

Fishermen on Dore lake

Please Note - All rights reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission
in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief
passages in a review to be printed in newspapers or magazines.

ISBN 0-88925-409-5

Published by
Dore Lake Historical Society
General Delivery
Dore Lake, Saskatchewan

First printing, 1983

Printed and bound in Canada by
Friesen Printers
a Division of D. W. Friesen and Sons Ltd.
Altona, Manitoba ROG OBO

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