Sakitawak Bi-Centennial, Ile-a-la-Crosse 1776 - 1976

Dedication and Credits


This book would not exist were it not for the dream of Max Morin. A young man who has spent many hours in researching the village history. Max came to me for assistance in his desire to see a book on the history of Ile-a-la-Crosse come to life. Max brought the dream to the notice of the Bi-Centennial Committee and did all in his power to persuade the committee of the worth and value of this project. Not that convincing was needed-for all quickly endorsed Max's vision. I, a stranger to their community, was presented by Max as the possible writer of the work. Thankfully, all accepted and trusted my abilities. I hope I have deserved this trust.

This book is dedicated to the vision of Max Morin and of the youth of Ile-a-la-Crosse. Hopefully another two hundred years will pass leaving the accumulated memories a continuing source of pride.

Much thanks must be given to the Bi-Centennial Committee in its efforts to support this book in as many ways as is possible. The future generations can do little but echo these thoughts when knowing that at least "they", the Committee, attempted to leave a lasting legacy of the past. Hopefully, the research and documentation will continue until all is made alive again.

Robert Longpre


A book of this type has many cooks. Thanks must be given to all who assisted in the material, the content, and the publication of this book. Thank You!
Interviewer Janet Caisse, for interviews and translations to English of the recollections and stories of Marie Rose McCallum, Marie Ann Kyplain and Nap Johnson;

Typist and proof-reader, Maureen Longpre, for the hours upon hours of work, typing and retyping;

Consultant and aide Brian Cousins, for the direction and publication assistance:

Photo collectors, Max Morin, Geordie Favel, Janet Caisse and T.J. Roy, for the collection of photographs gathered, some of which appear on these pages;

Ile-a-la-Crosse Mission, for the collection of photographs, the interviews, the access to books and the good will;

The Community of Ile-a-la-Crosse, for helping to make this book come to print. Again, Thank You!

Robet Longpre
November, 1976

Preparation of this publication has been a Bi-Centennial
Project of Ile-a-la-Crosse.

It is our hope that this booklet will provide recognition and appreciation of our forefathers. Hopefully it will enable future generations to better understand their history and their heritage.

On behalf of the Local Community Authority, I congratulate the Bi-Centennial Committee, the contributors and writers who have prepared this historical record. I thank the Department of Northern Saskatchewan for providing a special grant which made this project possible and helped us celebrate our Bi-Centennial.

Leo Belanger, Overseer
Local Community Authority


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