A History of Buffalo Narrows

A History of Buffalo Narrows,


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A history of the Town of Buffalo Narrows, from earliest settlement until the early 1980's.


Webmasters Note:.

I have added a video of home movies taken in Buffalo Narrows by Gladys Neman Aylsworth.
Gladys was a nurse and midwife in Buffalo Narrows from 1947 until 1950.

Buffako Narrows video, Part one.

Buffalo Narrows video, Part 1.


Buffalo Narrows video, Part two.

Buffalo Narrows Video, Part 2.


Webmaster's Note:

      In the 1980's, the Buffalo Narrows Celebrate Saskatchewan Committee published a local history of the Buffalo Narrows area. With the permission of the Local Buffalo Narrows council, the material from that book has been reproduced on this web site. I would like to thank them for that permission and I hope I can do justice to their fine work. Unfortunately, reproduction of the photographs contained in the book leaves something to be desired. Perhaps in the future, I may be able to obtain some copies of those original photographs, so they may enhance this web site history. Minor changes may have been made to accommodate use of this material on the Internet, but the substance of the history remains the same as the original book. Further history of the Buffalo Narrows, Deep River, Ile-A-La-Crosse area, will be added as material becomes available.


January 6, 1999.

      I would like to give special recognition and thanks to Myron Kasprowicz who has graciously taken the time to supply me with a large number of photographs from the collection of John and Mary Hansen, long time residents of Buffalo Narrows. To John and Mary Hansen, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the use of their photographs in this webpage. Their foresight has helped preserve the history of the residents of the Buffalo Narrows area for future generations.



      A local history is a large undertaking that requires a great deal of community cooperation. This book would not have been possible had it not been for the voluntary contributions of time and knowledge made by many of the people of Buffalo Narrows. Special tribute, should be paid to those people who allowed us to duplicate their photographs and to those people who participated in interviews.

      In addition, tribute should be paid to Therese Daigneault, Susan Leitch, Faye Campbell, Elizabeth Hansen and especially Therese Thompson for volunteering their time to do the typing for the project. Credit is also due to Phillip Vitols for some of the photographic reproduction in the book, and to Susan Johnson, Susan Leitch and Milan Vukovic for their painstaking proof reading.

      Last, but certainly not least, tribute should be paid to Jackie Mckay who worked with me on the project from the beginning.

>Richard Wuorinen>


Webmaster's Note

      If there is anyone in possession of old photographs, and/or histories of individuals, who were instrumental in the development of Northern Saskatchewan, in particular the Buffalo Narrows, Ilse-A-La-Crosse, and surrounding areas, and they wish to supply me with that information, I would be happy to add it to these webpages. All pictures and other material, will be returned after use. You can E-Mail me at the link below.





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